Welcome to the NEW KIKI & SEBBY® website!

Hi! We are delighted to have launched our new website, where you can learn more about KIKI & SEBBY®, browse our award winning product range, read our latest articles, and learn about our sustainability initiatives.

All of our products are tested to and comply with the latest safety standards for your peace of mind, and we are also proud to have received a few awards along the way!

We take the health of our Earth very seriously; our mission statement is “To create sustainable, safe, and luxurious baby products through design, innovation, and material research.” You can read more about our sustainability here. (Link to page).

We will be updating our blog page on a regular basis so that you can get an insight into who we are and what we do here at KIKI & SEBBY®. We will also be giving you lots of parenting tips and advice, so pop back from time to time to read the latest!


You can read the story behind who we are and how we started here. 

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Other posts

How Sustainable is Rubberwood?

Rubberwood is generally considered to be a sustainable material, primarily because of its unique characteristics and the way it is harvested. At KIKI & SEBBY®, it was important that we used sustainable wood in the manufacturing of our new SBROUT®. Rubberwood comes from the rubber tree, which grows mostly in tropical areas like Southeast Asia. […]
Baby names

Sustainability Starts at Birth: Eco-Friendly Baby Names

Choosing an eco-friendly baby name is a great way to express your commitment to the environment and sustainability. At KIKI & SEBBY® we love the idea of naming your baby after something from Mother Nature.    Here are some eco-friendly baby names to consider: Aspen – after the tree known for its beautiful leaves and […]
Muslin Squares

Muslins 101: Commonly Asked Questions about Muslins

Here at KIKI & SEBBY®, we are asked lots of questions about muslins. We have gathered together the most commonly asked questions for you. How many muslins do you need for a baby? We advise having between three and five muslins on hand at all times. It’s also helpful to store muslins in the places […]
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