Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of SBROUT™?

SBROUT™ is a modular furniture which can be used as a baby crib, cot, children table and chair, play cart, children seat and furniture shelf.

It is reconfigurable into any of the modules over and over again and is reusable in any mode for other siblings too.

What ages can SBROUT™ be used for?

SBROUT™ has a long-longevity of use from newborn upwards to even adulthood (if you keep it as a furniture shelf). It can be used as a crib for newborns, as a cot up to 2 years old, as a play cart or children table and chair up to 5 years old, and as a book-shelf above the age of 5 years old. Any shelving system you fancy! It’s the furniture for the entire family!

Why is SBROUT™ sustainable?

At KIKI & SEBBY®, we take the health of our Mother Earth very seriously. We hope that our children will have a comfortable and healthy environment where they can grow up. As such, all our products, where possible, are made using sustainable materials and methods and we minimise the use of plastics – from products to packaging.

SBROUT™ is made using rubber wood, which itself can be recycled and it is otherwise well known as eco-wood.

As a raw material, rubber wood is also known as the Asian Oak, as it is durable, strong, tough and resilient.

What is the dimension & weight of SBROUT™ Crib?

SBROUT™ Crib once setup will measure: 704 x 544 x 653 mm (min. height) - 781 mm (max. height). It weighs 17kg.

This size easily clears the common doorways! With 2 large lockable and easy swivel wheels, you can easily move it to other rooms for much needed attention to your baby.

What is the dimension & weight of SBROUT™ Cot?

SBROUT™ Cot once setup will measure: 1024 x 544 x 793 mm (min. height) - 921 mm (max. height). It weighs 27.3 kg.

This size easily clears the common doorways! With 2 large lockable and easy swivel wheels, you can easily move it to other rooms for much needed attention to your baby.

Can the height of the crib/cot be adjusted? Is it difficult to adjust?

Yes, there are 5 adjustable heights for SBROUT™ crib and cot. The four sturdy legs can be unscrewed and then screwed to the height that you are most comfortable.

It is not difficult to follow our assembling and transforming guide provided in our SBROUT™ Manual.

How do I assemble & transform the SBROUT™?

We will provide our SBROUT™ Manual to guide you on the assembling and transforming at each modular stage. All parts, tools and care packs will be provided.

You can also visit our website for more assembling video guides.

If you prefer to engage a handyman to assist you with the assembling work, please email us for our list of selected handyman partners.

How do I care for SBROUT™ through the years?

SBROUT™ is made using solid and sturdy rubber wood. By itself, it is very durable and easy to maintain. Please use the SBROUT™ for it's intended functions for it to last. Clean it with just a wet and then a dry cloth will easily dust off any surface dirt. Any wear and tear or scratches on the surface are inevitable, but it should not compromise on the sturdiness of the furniture.

Why SBROUT™ will never grow out of its uses?

Parents are so afraid of getting their baby crib/cot and having them as a "white elephant" in the house after their baby outgrows it.

With SBROUT™, we can proudly say that it will last you until it last you! We made SBROUT™ Sleep Habitat system beyond just the function of sleeping! It's too boring to keep using the same piece of furniture to sleep on for too many years! We know that!

After your baby has outgrown their cot sleeping function, transform it and excite them with their play cart or their study table and chair. As they grow, use it as their book shelf or even bedside table. After this, you can finally transform it into your family adult chair. Your baby furniture becomes your family furniture! It last you until it lasts!

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