The Traditional Finnish Baby Box Re-Invented

The Angel Babybox® is an evolution of the original traditionally Finnish baby box, which is a simple box with a tight-fitting crib sheet for the baby to sleep in. Angel Babybox® has all the benefits of the original baby box with improved usability and comfort. There's no soft or loose bedding in the baby's sleep area, except for a tight-fitting crib sheet. The Angel Babybox® can also be converted to a travel cot that is compact and easy to carry anywhere you need to go! It is also quick and easy to assemble into a crib or a playmat. It is the traditional baby box re-born for the new generation!

Award Winning Multifunctional Safety Certified
Made with Safety in Mind

The Angel BabyBox® has undergone rigorous safety testing with specially designed safety enhancement features and is certified safe under the British Standards (BSEN 1130) for domestic cribs and cots.

Your Baby’s Comfort Home

First in the world! A multifunctional baby crib that fulfills all your baby’s sleep and play needs in their first few precious months! Use the lid as a changing mat and when they outgrow it, use it as a playmat, playpen or a toddler sofa- our babies and their siblings love it!

No more clutter! Stow away neatly during and after use - and keep it as a toy box when the little one has grown.

Ergonomically Designed for the Modern Family

Specifically design with your baby in mind, made with luxurious and soft materials, wrapped in 100% cotton and non toxic foam for your baby to enjoy their personal luxury space.

The Award-Winning Angel Babybox®
A Multifunctional Baby Box
Angel babybox
Gift Box
Flat Pack
Baby in angel Baby box
Baby Crib
Angel baby box nappy change
Dressing Mat

Complies with British Standard (BS EN) 1130 Safety Enhancement Features

Made from Eco-friendly 100% Pure Japanese Cotton

Made from Non-toxic Feather-weight Reinforced EVA FoamTM

Travel Friendly Flat-packed 8kg Portable Cot

Product Specifications
Product Dimensions
Dimensions (Closed Box) 960 x 600 x 300mm
Dimensions (Open Mat) 1370 x 1110 x 10mm
Dimensions (Flat Pack) 960 x 600 x 80mm
Weight approx 8kg


Base Non-toxic EVA foam
Base Cover Eco-friendly 100% Japanese Cotton
The lid structure is made from the same non-toxic
foam core wrapped with 100% Japanese Cotton
Safety Standards BS EN 1130
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