Contemporary, Ingenious and Sustainable Baby Products

KIKI & SEBBY® — the children of one of our founders - Dr Ling Zhi Heng. The brand represents the love for our children, the ingenious creativity innocence and purity of children — as may be experienced in every single piece of our design and product. Our motto: 'to create sustainable and safe micro-luxurious baby sleeping products through design, innovation and material research.'

Our journey began in 2016, with 3 like-minded professionals, a doctor (Dr Heng), a banker (Ms Alice Au) and a designer. Originally inspired by the Finnish babybox (an 80 year tradition where each baby is gifted a card box sleep box, believed decades ago to contribute to the decline in sudden infant death syndrome), Dr Heng felt they could bring an innovative and finesse approach to this simple tradition with a modern twist and convenience for today's parents. Along with our other founders, the trio peddled their idea with a noble quest to bring safe and safety-certified luxurious products to the modern parents. There, we created our very first multi-award winning product — the renowned multifunctional baby grow crib — the Angel Babybox® which is BSEN 1130 certified, made using the softest and highest quality 100% Japanese cotton and internal non-toxic foam with reinforcements to give it the necessary sturdiness and strength like a typical crib made of metal or wood. Each individual crib is hand-sewn.

The team went through a relentless 2.5 years of innovative challenge, design, material research and multiple re-iterations of designs and safety testing to ensure the safety and quality of our product. We are proud our efforts paid off and we have been recognized by numerous industry leaders, mothers, families and loved by babies.

Following the success of our first product, in 2022 — towards the new world post pandemic, we decided to rebrand ourselves to KIKI & SEBBY®. Dr Heng's children were born both at the beginning and towards the end of the pandemic — signifying new beginnings. We have expanded with new lines, and even higher quality products and modular furniture - all still following our core motto. We are also very conscious of the manufacturing and quality control of the products. The process of manufacturing and materials procured must be kind to our environment and the workers who helped produce it, and finally, the end product must be safe and soft for our children.

Today's world is one that is heaped in tradition, learning from the past and creating a better future. This is KIKI & SEBBY® specially designed and made only in the best interest of mothers, fathers, children, babies and our Mother Earth. KIKI & SEBBY® — for our baby and yours too.

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