20 Great Uses For A Muslin

At KIKI & SEBBY® we absolutely love products that have more than one use. Our muslin squares are perhaps the most versatile product that you will ever buy as a parent! Why buy 20 different products when one will do everything? Read on for our guide on 20 great uses for a muslin. 


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What can you use a muslin for?

  1. Wipe up sick, projectile vomit, pee and poop – quite frankly anything that your baby decides to share with you at the most inopportune moment!

  2. As a bandana bib – simply tie loosely around their neck – works for babies and toddlers!

  3. A swaddle blanket – perfect for those summer months!

  4. A layer between a cold changing mat and your baby – protects baby from shock of the chilly mat (or dirty mat in a restaurant changing room)

  5. Emergency pee mopping wipe for those unexpected moments when baby decides to surprise you mid change!

  6. To gently pat baby’s bottom dry after using a wet baby wipe.

  7. A mattress protector – far easier to wash than the whole sheet.

  8. Car window shade – simply wind the window up with the muslin at the top.

  9. A comforter – babies  love the texture of muslin to feel and suck on.

  10. Burp cloth – protect parents’ clothes as you burp baby over your shoulder.

  11. Breastfeeding cover – for those who need a little more privacy when breastfeeding.

  12. A playmat – perfect for travelling to pop your baby on the floor perhaps somewhere where you haven’t been in charge of the cleaning!

  13. Picnic blanket – to keep the ants away.

  14. A wash cloth / flannel at bath time – and it will dry quickly,

  15. A peekaboo accessory – 1..2…3 I see you!

  16. A blanket in the pram – perfect for those summer days or when you need to layer up!

  17. Teething accessory – tie a knot in one corner, dampen with water and place in the fridge or freezer for an hour.

  18. Bouncer or Highchair cover – protect baby from anywhere slightly grubby and prevent their dribble and vomit from staining any fabrics.

  19. Makeshift nappy – OK so not ideal for most but if you do run out, it will work well in an emergency!

  20. Tummy time – lay a muslin over a pillow and it becomes the perfect space for tummy time for your little one.


As you can see, the uses for a muslin square are endless, and we haven’t even touched on all the things you can use a muslin for around the home once your baby does not need them any more!

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