How to Swaddle Your Baby

Most babies love being swaddled because people think it reminds them of how safe they felt in the womb. However, a lot of new parents have trouble getting the swaddling technique quite right. For your baby to be safe and comfortable, you must wrap it around him or her tightly, but leave enough space for the baby to move and breathe. In order to ensure that your baby is not swaddled too tightly, you should leave just enough space to slide your hand between the fabric and the baby’s chest.

According to studies, swaddling helps babies sleep better because it makes them feel more at ease. However, some newborns may not enjoy being swaddled, despite the fact that it is a tried-and-true method for getting most young children to sleep easier. In this case, trust your parental instinct and everything will be OK!

Depending on your baby’s needs, which frequently change over the course of the first few weeks and months as they develop and grow, you can utilise several methods of swaddling. In this article, we’ll examine three of the most widely used methods and take you step by step through the stages of getting a better night’s sleep.

At KIKI & SEBBY®, we are big fans of swaddling, having swaddled our own children when they were little. We are sharing our tried and tested methods to help parents swaddle their babies in the hope that everyone gets a good night’s sleep!

new born Baby in swaddle

The ‘Newborn’ Swaddle

For babies in their first few weeks, it’s best to choose a swaddle that keeps their arms and legs in a natural position instead of making them stretch out before they’re ready. The “newborn swaddle” maintains a baby’s legs in the “frog posture” and their hands close to their face. Until your child is ready to start extending out, this swaddling technique is ideal. At that point, you can switch to a different position.

Step 1: Lay your muslin out on a level surface, making sure it is large enough to completely enclose your infant.

Step 2: Fold down one corner of the blanket so that it is about the length of your baby’s body, from neck to bum. You’ll end up with a shape that resembles a triangle.

Step 3: Wrap that side around the baby’s torso and tuck it below them. Tuck the baby’s left hand underneath the fold you have produced.

Step 4: Fold the bottom of the muslin up and tuck the top of the swaddle with just the corner’s tip sticking out. Make sure the bottom has space for their legs to move about while they are in the frog position.

Step 5: Fold the right side of the blanket across the baby’s body, tucking the baby’s right hand underneath the fold (making sure their hands are adjacent to their faces). Under their chin, there ought to be a “V” under the baby’s chin.

Step 6: Finish by wrapping the right side underneath and tucking the end of the corner into the front of the swaddle.


The ‘Burrito Wrap’ Method

One of the simplest styles of swaddling to master, this well-liked method works great for a larger square or rectangular muslin—and it is also super cute!

Step 1 : Place the muslin on a level surface in the first step, making sure it is large enough to cover the baby’s entire body (we recommend a size of around 43× 43 inches).

Step 2: To create a rough diamond shape, fold one corner down by about 4 inches.

Step 3 : Position your baby such that the top line of the diamond is directly above their neck.

Step 4: Place your baby’s hands by their shoulders or face and tuck them under the fold of the muslin swaddle. If you prefer, you can leave their arms unwrapped and tuck the blanket beneath their armpits (this is ideal for older babies).

Step 5 : Take the right side of the muslin and cross it over their body, then tuck it underneath their left side.

Step 6: Fold the bottom tail of the muslin up toward the infant’s head and firmly tuck it into the fold’s top right corner.

Step 7 : Take the left side, wrap it around the baby’s body, and tuck it beneath them on the right side.


The ‘Original Swaddle’

When your child is a bit older and beginning to gain motor skills. You can switch to a simpler swaddling technique that keeps the baby’s hands neatly tucked away. With their newly acquired motor skills, they will feel flapping limbs, much like humans do when we sleep, and they will be able to wake themselves up with the movements. This swaddle is quick and simple to use, but more importantly, it will keep the baby safe and asleep.

Step 1: Lay a large square of muslin flat, then fold one corner down about a hand’s length.

Step 2 : Lay your infant face-up on the muslin with the top of the fold slightly over their neck. Then cross the left side of the muslin over their body and tuck it under while putting their left arm by their side.

Step 3: Do the same on your baby’s right side.

Step 4: Fold the bottom of the muslin upwards and, depending on your preference, tuck the top or the sides beneath your child.

Swaddled baby

What do I do if my baby really hates to be swaddled?

We designed our sleeping bags to make things easier if none of these swaddling methods appear to work for you or your baby. Its useful design will stop your child from rolling over while still making them feel protected and secure.


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