What Is A Baby Box?

At KIKI & SEBBY®, we designed the award-winning Angel Babybox, the product that kick-started the KIKI & SEBBY® brand, but lots of people have asked us where the inspiration came from. Well, the answer is easy: it came from the wish to emulate the Finnish Baby Box but add a little luxury and longevity to the concept along the way.


baby sleeping in Angel baby box

The Original Finnish Baby Box

In the 1930s, baby boxes became popular in Finland because of the Maternity Grants Act of 1937. The frightening newborn mortality rate, which at its peak was about 1 in 10 infant deaths, prompted the action. At first, only low-income women were expected to receive the kits. Since then, Finland’s infant mortality rate has decreased, along with that of a large portion of the world, and is currently only 2 deaths per 1,000 live births. Baby boxes are made to be secure, cosy, and conducive to newborns breathing freely while they sleep on their backs.

Since the initiative was so successful, it has been expanded. Beginning in 1949, all mothers in Finland qualified for the payment, regardless of their household income. The award is open to all permanent residents of Finland and their dependents, as well as those who relocated there for employment from elsewhere in the European Union.

Approximately 60,000 maternity grants are given each year, according to Kela, the supplier of social security benefits in Finland. Most first-time mums who apply for a maternity package (a baby box) or a €140 cash award choose the baby box.

The Angel Babybox from KIKI & SEBBY® – how is it different?

Angel baby box nappy change

The Angel Babybox isn’t just a box made of cardboard. It’s an updated version of the Finnish Baby Box that gives your baby a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

The Angel Babybox is made of only the best, most eco-friendly materials. It can be used as a sleeping area for your baby, a changing station, and a play mat for tummy time and play time. The EVA  foam is non-toxic, featherweight, reinforced, and 100% eco-friendly. Your baby can sleep, relax, and play safely on pure Japanese cotton, the height of luxury.

Extra-long staple cotton is the name for pure cotton from Japan. Its fibres are smoother and longer than those of regular cotton. This makes a fabric that is both very soft and very strong, so it will last longer.

The Angel Babybox can be flattened out and put away neatly. It also comes with its own gift box and handle, so it can be taken with you. It’s also a great way for grandparents and other family members who help take care of kids to help them sleep and change nappies.

Find out more about the Angel Baby Box here 


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