Why won’t my newborn sleep?

We wish there was a magic wand or a foolproof way to get a newborn baby to sleep, and we are often asked, why won’t my newborn sleep? The truth is that it can be quite tricky, and when compounded by the fact that a new mum is exhausted after giving birth, this can be quite traumatic for mum, baby, and the wider family.

At KIKI & SEBBY®, we know what it is like because we have been there! We have pooled our knowledge and experience to give you some reassurance. Before we look at some top tips to get your baby to sleep, it is important to put this into perspective. 


  • Do not panic – you are not alone. This is really important to put this into perspective. Just because in your eyes, your baby is not sleeping does not mean that there is fundamentally anything wrong. Most parents will tell you how tricky those first few weeks are. It’s not much consolation, but it does get easier.


  • Do not feel guilty if you are finding it tricky, you are not a failure! Lots of new parents feel like they are failing if they can not get their baby into a good routine quickly – after all some of the mums at baby group are always going to boast about how they have their baby into a routine so quickly. The truth is all babies are different.


  • It is normal – remember that. For the first six months of their lives, newborns need to be fed at night. Due to their small stomachs, they must eat frequently during the day and night in order to obtain adequate food for growth and development.


  • It is OK to comfort your baby – you are not spoiling them. Babies occasionally require your comfort in order to feel at ease, content, and to prepare them for sleep. By attending to your baby’s needs, such as rocking, patting, or chatting to them gently as they drift off to sleep, you are not spoiling them.


  • Ask for help! Yes you read this correctly. No one should ever judge new parents for asking for help, whether it is from your partner or extended family. We all need a good night’s sleep to reset, ready to face the world and parenting the next day.


We hope that this helps – just to know that you are not alone. Lots of parents never admit to the struggles that go on behind closed doors. However, if it is really getting too much, talk to your Health Visitor or Doctor and remember, there is nothing to be ashamed of! You are asking for help and you should be proud of yourself for doing so.


Stay Strong!


Lots of love

The Team at KIKI & SEBBY®

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